This page is not so much under construction as generally incomplete. Much of what I write does not end up online. I like printed paper.


Here, online, in addition to available on paper, a special issue of The Finnish Journal of Urban Studies on culture and design in planning. It has an introduction here by Pekka Tuominen and myself, in Finnish but the page has English abstracts of everything in the issue, and one great paper actually in English, Guy Julier and Malene Leerberg’s ‘Kolding: We Design for Life’.

Here, as a pdf, is a piece from ARK/Finnish Architetural Review 1/2013 on Jeremy Till, the reliably provocative head of London’s Central St Martin’s College of Arts and Design. It was fun to write, and I found it inspiring to discover new old worlds via the website resource that JT helped produce,

Here’s a pdf, ‘Everyday life under threat’ ARK Finnish Architectural Review 2011/1 of a meditation on security and architecture in London that was inspired by reading the Architectural Association publication, London + 10. Both FINNISH and ENGLISH.

Here’s a conference report from a symposium held in May 2011 in Helsinki, called Planning for People. Conference report of symposium 04_05_11 format from my word file.

Book reviews

Mar/Apr 2011 Review of Hans Radder (ed.) The Commodification of Academic Research in Radical Philosophy

Review in Helsingin Sanomat, of Dave Eggers’ Zeitoun, published 2011, in FINNISH.

Review in Fifi/Voima of the Radical Nature exhibition at the Barbican in 2009, in FINNISH.

Review in Blueprint of Anna Minton’s Ground Control, 2009, in ENGLISH.

Reports and commentaries

Growing by Degrees, a report I compiled and edited for the RIBA’s Building Futures on Universities and urban development, published in 2009, pdf.

A short piece written for PNUK (Planners Network UK) for their “Disorientation Guide”: “Planning, Science and the Public – some contradictory history”.

I also work as a translator and language-editor (see a job that sometimes seeps into the other things I do. For example this:

Simone Abram, “Kulttuuri ja Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu”, a translation by Eevabee of an abbreviated version of Simone’s new book, Culture and Planning, 2011.

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