I write features and book reviews in English and Finnish, especially on society and the built environment. I actively contribute to academic publications and engage in several networks pursuing academic or semi-academic projects. In 2011 I became Docent (Adjunct Professor) of Environmental Policy and Urban Studies at Helsinki University. I’m responsible for the Forum-section of the Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society and in October 2013 I became the editor of the EASA (European Association of Social Anthropologists) book series.


Ongoing since about 2002 – Translation and language services. In 2010 I set up WIT Language Services Oy with John Heyderman. For what we can offer, see wit.fi.

2009, Feb-Apr      Research for CABE & Building Futures on the “Building Futures Game”, the consultation tool.

2007-2009      RIBA/Building Futures, part-time researcher. Project lead: ‘Growing by Degrees: Universities in the Future of Urban Development’ (www.buildingfutures.org.uk/projects/building-futures/universities)

2008, Feb-Oct  Career Grade Policy Planner (part-time), London Borough of Greenwich

1998-2002    Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

1996-98    Research Associate, University of California, Berkeley.


2016      (in press) ‘Environmentalism’, Callan, H. (ed.) International Encyclopaedia of Anthropology, Wiley Blackwell.

2016      (in press) ‘Impossible Maybe, Perhaps Quite Likely: Activist design in Helsinki’s urban wastelands’, Sparke, P. (ed.) The Routledge Companion to Design Studies.

2015      Uusi Helsinki? Det Nya Helsingfors? Changing Helsinki? Changing Helsinki? 11 Views on a City Unfolding. Edited with Cindy Kohtala, Helsinki: Nemo.

2015      ‘Activist design in Helsinki: creating sustainable futures at the margins, the center, and everywhere in between‘, in Cocco, G., & Szaniecki, B. (eds) Creative capitalism, multitudinous creativity: Radicalities and alterities, Lexington Books, pp. 155-171.

2014      ‘Ohjelmallinen kulttuurin ja designin edistäminen kaupungeissa: Johdanto erikoisnumeroon’ with Pekka Tuominen (and jointly guest edited journal issue), Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu/The Finnish Journal of Urban Studies, Vol.52(2): 4-18.

2013      ‘Design Activism in Helsinki: notes from the World Design Capital 2012’, Design and Culture, 2013/2: 195-214.

2013      ‘WDS as counter-expertise’, in I. Sánchez de Madariaga & M. Roberts (eds), Fair Shared Cities: The Impact Of Gender Planning In Europe, London: Ashgate. pp. 358-­‐380.

2013      ‘Experiencing architecture in Helsinki: An anthropological perspective on the built environment’, Proceedings of the 3rd Symposium of Architectural Research Oulu, 2011: University of Oulu publications, A58: pp. 98-­‐109

2012      ‘Conference Report: Anthropology Meets Design at the Royal Anthropological Institute’s “Anthropology in the World” Conference, London, 8-10 June 2012. Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society. 37/2: 82-87.

2012       ‘Luonnon jälkeen Suomessa: metsäisestä kulttuurista vuosituhannen taitteessa’, teoksessa T. Kallinen, A. Nygren & T. Tammisto (toim.) Ympäristö ja kulttuuri, Sosiaalitieteiden laitoksen julkaisuja 2012:11, Helsinki.

2011       ‘Knowledge in a critical mode: feminist expertise in design and planning’, in Recombinant Knowledge: Or How Strathernian Concepts Travel, Edwards, J. and M. Petrovic-Steger (eds). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2011         ‘Planning for people – Anthropologists in dialogue with planning scholars’, Conference Report, Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society, 36(2): 60-70.

2011         ‘Tangled and tangible, straight and abstract: anthropology and Helsinki architecture’, Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society, 36(3): 5-22.

2009            ‘Making space in Finland’s new economy’, in Boundless Worlds: An Anthropological Approach to Movement, edited by Peter W. Kirby, Oxford and New York: Berghahn Books.

2009            ‘Yliopistot, tutkimuslaitokset ja kaupunkikuva’, Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu 3(47): 44-49.

2009            Review essay ‘Mahmood Mamdani. Scholars in the Market Place’, Suomen Antropologi: Journal of  the Finnish Anthropological Society, 34(2): Summer 2009: 100-108.

2008            ‘Exploring the social and political. Are architects still relevant to architecture?’ Architectural Research Quarterly. vol 12 . no 2:105-109.

2008            ‘Building a real alternative: Women’s Design Service’, Field (online) www.field-journal.org, vol. 2 (1): 47-62 http://www.field-journal.org/index.php?page=journal-2

2008            ‘I wanted to be an academic, not “a creative” – notes on universities and the new capitalism’, Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization (online) www.ephemearweb.org, vol 8 (3): 322-330.

2008               ‘Forests, flows and identities in Finland’s information society’, Cultural Studies, Volume 22 Issue 3 & 4 May 2008: 412-430.

2007            Doing Things Differently: the Women’s Design Service at twenty, London: Women’s Design Service.

2007            ‘Information Society Finnish-style, or an anthropological view of the Modern’, in Anthropology and Science: Epistemologies in Practice (ASA Monographs 43) edited by Jeanette Edwards, Penny Harvey and Peter Wade, Oxford and New York: Berg.

2006            ‘Generating non-trivial knowledge in awkward situations: anthropology in the UK’, in World Anthropologies: Disciplinary Transformations within Systems of Power, edited by Arturo Escobar and Gustavo Lins Ribeiro, Oxford and New York: Berg.

2006             ‘Ecopolitics through ethnography’, in ‘Imagining Political Ecology’ edited by Aletta Biersack and James Greenberg, Durham and London: Duke University Press.

2005            ‘Exhausting Academia: In defence of anthropology, in search of time’, Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society, No.3: 2-13.

2004             ‘A situated, global imperative: debating (the nation’s) forests in Finland’, in Confronting Environments edited by James Carrier, Lanham, MD: Altamira Press.

2003             co-edited with David G. Anderson, Ethnographies of Conservation: Environmentalism and the Distribution of Privilege, Oxford and New York: Berghahn Books

2003              ‘Finland as Information Society: an anthropological critique’, in Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society, Vol.28(4): 2-16.

2002             ‘Legacies of Empire and spatial divides: new and old challenges for environmentalism in the UK’, Occasional Papers in Critical Urban Studies, Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths College, London.

2002            ‘Expertise and counter-expertise: science in Finnish forest activism’, Focaal – European Journal of Anthropology, 40: 83-99.

2001            ‘Facts, Biases, and Constructions: Perspectives On Forest Conservation In Finland’, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 44(6): 833-849.

2001             ‘Self-defeating environmentalism? models and questions from an ethnography of toxic waste protest’, Critique of Anthropology Vol. 21(3): 317-336.

2000            ‘From iron curtain to timber belt: territory and materiality at the Finnish-Russian border’, in Ethnologia Europea, Vol.30(2): 23-34.

1998             Knowing Nature, Knowing Science:  An ethnography of local environmental activism.  Cambridge:  White Horse Press

1997            ‘Clear-Cut Madness in Russian Karelia’, The Ecologist, Vol. 27(6): 237-241.


2012   Organized, with Guy Julier (Victoria and Albert Museum, London), panel discussion on “Design Anthropology” for RAI conference, “Anthropology in the World”, 9 June 2012 (report published in Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society)

2012 Co-chair with Arturo Escobar (University of North Carolina) at AAA (San Francisco) Innovent on Design and Anthropology. (Some notes on this blog, https://eevabee.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/serious-designs-on-anthropology/

2012 (and onwards) I teach a masters-level course for 4 credits, “Social Issues in Urban Environments” for the Department of Social Policy, University of Helsinki.

2011 4/5   I organised an international ‘Planning for People’ symposium with Timo Heikkinen. My write-ups in Suomen Antropologi (in English) and Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu (in Finnish).

2010 1-2/10    Symposium, ‘Beyond System Thinking: Anthropological perspectives on environmental and climate change’, University of Stockholm.

2009 22-23/3   ESRC seminar convened by Laura Bear on ‘Uncertain Futures: planning, temporality and globalisation’, March.

2008 5-6/11    Workshop on Planning and Anthropology, organized by Simone Abram (Leeds Metropolitan) and Åsa Boholm (CEFOS/Center for Public Sector Research), Gothenburg, Sweden.

2006 18-21/9   European Association of Social Anthropologists conference, Bristol, ‘Women’s Design Service, London – Twenty years of materialising the real world’, in workshop on Bringing Europe Down to Earth: reconfigurations of politics and development

2003 14-18/7   Association of Social Anthropologists Decennial Conference, Manchester. Plenary paper ‘Finland as information society: an anthropological critique’, and panel paper ‘Working with, not against nature? A Finnish food story’

2003 28-29/4            University of Oulu, Department of Sociology , Lectures on ‘Ethnographic Method’ and ‘The ethnographer and Finnish Biotechnology: anthropological perspectives on technology and science’

2003 7-13/3    Wenner-Gren Foundation (New York) Symposium ‘World Anthropologies: Disciplinary Transformations within Systems of Power’, Pordenone, Italy. Paper: ‘European modernity, British anthropology and the search for non-trivial knowledge’

2002 29-31/5            University of Joensuu, Graduate School of Environmental Social Science intensive course, Politicization of Nature, teaching staff.

2000-2003     Nordic research network, ‘Bodily Commodities: moral concerns about biotechnology and market exchange in Europe’, co-ordinated by University of Iceland.

2000 29/4     Organised workshop on ‘Ethnographies of Ecological Underprivilege’, Goldsmiths College, London.

2000 25/2   Convened conference on ‘Environmental Justice in a Divided Society’, Goldsmiths College, London.

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